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To commemorate 100 years of Vero Beach, a dedicated group of local residents, hand-picked or volunteered, have assembled together as one committee (Co-Chaired by Tammy Bursick and Tony Young) to prepare a year’s worth of varied activities that will be presented monthly, launching in October of 2018 and continuing through to the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Vero Beach in October, 2019. These activities will represent the city’s history, landmarks, ancestors, organizations, agriculture, education, transportation and the arts through the decades of technical, beautification and architectural advancements. This is an opportunity to share our history, our accomplishments and our people in a very memorable fashion.
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Tammy Bursick (City Clerk/Centennial Co-Chair):                          Phone: 772-978-4700
Beverly S. Paris (Publicist/Centennial Committee):   Phone: 772-234-4412
Photo by: Jack Foley - Chatham Photography Photo by: Jack Foley - Chatham Photography
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